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World of Travel

Driven by the rich experience of Mr. Gurjeet Singh Chhabra in tourism business , World of Travel is the result of his passion towards traveling and is one of the best travel agent in Delhi. Initiating his career as a Delhi travel agent in the budding travel industry, Mr. Gurjeet Singh Chhabra started his business endeavor through Seven Seas Travels Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with his friends in the early 1980's. This business bunch initially started with booking air tickets and achieved various milestones as a New Delhi travel agent. After a long successful run, this business bunch took an exciting turn of expansion. With a sound knowledge of destinations and traveling by their side, the agency was transformed into “World of Travel”. Established on 1st Nov. 1998, World of Travel was a revolutionized face of its predecessor with prime focus around tour and vacation packages.

Best travel agent in New Delhi

World of Travel holds travel packages covering your favorite destinations around the world. What makes us stand out and achieve the tagline of Best Travel Agent in Delhi is our sincerity and hard work in the meticulous itineraries which is chock-a-block with quality and budget spots in India and around the world.

World of Tour

World of Tour is a scoop in the world of traveling and hospitality. We render travel packages for individuals, families and corporate groups with a vacation plot that conforms to your travel necessities and ecstasies. Enhance your travel with our tour packages.

New Delhi Travel Agent

New Delhi Travel Agent - If you are ready to enterprise a whole new experience of traveling and vacationing then World Of Travel, a New Delhi Travel Agent, is your only great solution! We bring to you well researched packages with spots and accommodations that will stand up to the best of your expectations.

World of Travel